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To the Editor: Downright Insulting

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Letter to the editor

February 11, 2022

Ellsworth American

Dear Editor:

How dumb does American Aquafarms think we are? Here in Downeast Maine we know what being part of a community is and we know how to have a conversation with our neighbors.

Sitting down with your lawyer in his Portland office and creating some slick videos with canned questions and answers from paid spokespeople who have no connection to this area is hardly what anybody would call a community conversation.

Shame on American Aquafarms for trying to pass these phony videos off as “conversations” when they have never once given us the opportunity to confront them directly about their plans to destroy our bay and our community with their dangerous and destructive farm.

And shame on The Ellsworth American for helping them perpetuate this myth that they care about our community with stories like “American Aquafarms launches video series on proposed project.” I don’t know a single person who is buying what they are selling, but your paper seems determined to help them put one over on us with its one-sided reporting.

I don’t expect much from American Aquafarms, but I expect a whole lot more from The Ellsworth American.

Colleen MacGregor Wallace

South Gouldsboro

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