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Ecosystem and Public Health Risks From Nearshore and Offshore Finfish Aquaculture

Science Brief -- View the brief here

By Jillian Fry, PhD MPH, David Love, PhD MSPH, Gabriel Innes, VMD Johns Hopkins Center for Livable Future

"The tendency to rely upon the application of existing laws, instead of creating a new regulatory system specifically for aquaculture, has led to regulatory gaps. These gaps mean that many risks described in this report are not adequately monitored and/or addressed under current law. We conclude that expanding the nearshore finfish industry or beginning an offshore industry in the U.S. carries significant risks for aquatic ecosystems and public health. Without a robust, comprehensive regulatory system in place, no new near- or offshore operations should be permitted, and regulations allowing offshore finfish operations in federal waters should not be issued in other regions of the U.S."

--Executive Summary, Page 2

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