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To the Editor: Something Smells Fishy

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Letter to the Editor

January 26, 2022


To the Editor:

Hancock County residents have been waiting since November for the community conversation American Aquafarms promised to have with those of us directly impacted by the proposed outsized fish farm in Frenchman Bay and the processing and sludge disposal operation at the Maine Fair Trade property in Prospect Harbor.

The recently released video by American Aquafarms is not a conversation. It is, in plain speak, nothing more than self-serving propaganda. A carefully scripted video is a far cry from a public Zoom meeting. 

What is American Aquafarms hiding? Frenchman Bay United has provided volumes of evidence on the detrimental impact of this foreign company’s farfetched endeavor. American Aquafarms refuses to cooperate with and continues to hide from those who will most be affected by their self-serving, profit-driven proposal – all of us who live here, work here, love it here.  

Kathleen McFadden Prospect Harbor

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